CAS 1430056-54-4 | Incb-047775

Catalog #: SB19611


CAS No.: 1430056-54-4

Formula: C22H20FN5O

Mol Weight: 389.434 g/mol

MDL Number:

PuritySizePrice(USD)Lead TimeQuantity
98% 100MG 1117.0
98% 250MG 2751.0
98% 500MG 3486.0
98% 1G 5887.0
98% 5G 17383.0
Catalog No.SB19611CAS No.1430056-54-4
Chemical NameIncb-047775MDL No.
FormulaC22H20FN5OMol Weight389.434
Boiling PointStorageDry,sealed place.
DescriptionSynblock offers CAS 1430056-54-4, Incb-047775, NLT 98%, its formula is C22H20FN5O and mol weight is 389.434 g/mol, its documents regarding Incb-047775, including MSDS, NMR, HPLC, LC-MS and more.
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* For research chemicals use only. Not for human or other use.
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