Our Service

Most of Synblock's synthetic chemists are Ph.D.'s who have come to us with post doctoral and/or previous industrial experience. As such, these scientists are very adept at designing new synthetic routes to target molecules as well as working on various scales. Together with our talented staff, we have all the tools necessary to enable us to support your medicinal chemistry needs, such as advanced analytical instrumentation (NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLCs), preparative HPLC, literature searching services, etc. Synblock has a proven track record in this area, from synthesis of analogs on milligram scale to the scale up of lead compounds.

Our mission is to ensure customer's business success by delivering creative solutions based on effective communication and services at a competitive price without compromising the quality and IP.

We provide services in the following areas:

Custom Synthesis and Manufacture

Custom Synthesis is one of our main focuses. With our experience in the synthesis of the more than 8000 novel buildingblocks that represent all range of structures, our teams can synthesize any challenging target on any scale for a reasonable price and timely delivery. Our areas of expertise in synthesis include furans&benzofurans, pyrroles&pyrrlidines&pyrrolines, substituted pyridines, multi-functionalized heterocycles; etc.

Contract Drug Discovery Research

Synblock offers FTE scientists (Ph.D, MS. BS-level chemists) to our customers for lead optimization, scale up synthesis and process research & development. Our hard working and experienced chemists can save you time and money and minimize the risk and costs in the early stages of your research and development projects.

We will do our utmost to keep the information of our clients confidential and to give our customer fully guarantee for IP protection.